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Intuitive solutions for simple payments

Jun 28, 2021 10:07:13 AM

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Customer: CASH4UNOW
Business: Consumer lending
Customer since: 2018*
Solution: Anytime Settlement
Take-away: Customer focused


Introducing CASH4UNOW

You can’t always budget for what life is going to throw at you, especially during a pandemic. Through providing short-term, flexible payday lending to customers quickly and responsibly, CASH4UNOW helps their clients through emergency funding issues, making what can be an incredibly stressful situation a whole lot easier.


The challenge

Available working capital is key to being able to maximise the number of clients that can be approved for loans. CASH4UNOW needed an easy-to-use payments service that they could control and manage themselves, giving them the ability to have their payments settled as and when they needed, and providing the opportunity to maximise on busy lending periods, such as Christmas. Now, whenever customers need their service, CASH4UNOW can always be there to help them out.


Why Cashflows?

“A shared desire to help us increase our growth and to become progressively forward-facing. Both of our companies prioritise agility, ensuring that our partnership has been able to evolve, as we shift to becoming a much larger business. Innovative technology was also key, enabling us to better service our own customers, whilst still keeping our payments process simple.


"As our company grows, Anytime Settlement is key. We need to be able to know that we can access our capital, as soon as demand peaks.”


Our solution
  • Anytime Settlement, enabling access to additional working capital to respond to market change and accept more customers
  • Account Updater, ensuring the automatic update of customer card details, reducing declines
  • Dedicated account management team for unparalleled attention and support
  • Comprehensive reporting, giving actionable insights to encourage growth

Our success

"As a loan supplier, we use more than one payments provider to reduce risk. Currently 60% of our business goes through Cashflows, demonstrating the trust we have in our partnership and the incredible service that they have provided us.

Whilst working with Cashflows our payments solutions have been continuously improved and adapted to support our growing business. Since beginning to use the Anytime Settlement option 12 months ago, we have been able to maximise on periods of increased lending, due to being able to boost our business with quick cash injections.

Their products are incredibly intuitive, meaning we save time on training and encounter fewer problems.”


75 cost savings



*Went live in February 2021