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Buy now pay later finance made easy

Jul 30, 2021 2:03:47 PM

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Customer: SplitPay
Business: Financial Services
Customer since: 2020
Solution: Cashflows Gateway
Take-away: Future facing


Introducing SplitPay

In a world where traditional banking is being abandoned in favour of online competitors and shopping is done increasingly online, SplitPay recognised an opportunity to become one of the first Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) credit providers. Hugely popular in Australia, making up over 10% of online retail sales, BNPL gives businesses the opportunity to encourage larger orders and engage with a wider consumer base.
Since using SplitPay, merchants have reported a 20-30% uplift in sales and 10-15% decrease in cart abandonment.

The challenge

SplitPay needed a payments provider that could keep up with their agile, fast-growth mindset. One that would collaborate closely with them to create 'best-in-class' solutions that meet their needs as well as being adaptable to SplitPay’s changing software and ambitious goals. The company is also structured across three time zones - based in Australia with developers in Vietnam, yet focussing on the UK market - potentially making communication challenging but also the key to success.

Why Cashflows?

“Cashflows had the start-up mentality that we were looking for when it came to selecting a payments provider. The huge corporate alternative we had considered seemed to require a lengthy and potentially challenging integration, whereas Cashflows were incredibly nimble and responsive. Their service was also very personalised, which was key to understanding our company’s specific needs.”


Our solution
  • Cashflows gateway, facilitating multiple, staggered online and mobile payments
  • Dedicated team ensuring true collaboration and comprehensive support
  • Comprehensive reporting giving actionable insights to implement positive change
  • Opportunity for growth, with offices in the Netherlands and payments taken in multiple currencies

Our success

"With Cashflows, we have a true partnership. Our suggestions and concerns are always taken seriously and addressed, leading to positive mutual developments. We have been delighted with the level of support we have experienced, and the team resolves any issues very promptly.

By using Cashflows, we have been able to quickly and successfully launch our product to market and offer our merchants the opportunity to grow their revenue by offering their shoppers an easy-to-use Buy Now Pay Later option. Our solution has made staggered payment transactions simple, avoiding the pain points that taking multiple payments often causes.

We are looking forward to our future with Cashflows. Our plans include broadening our range of shopping cart plug-ins and product range, including a Buy Now Pay Later offering to restaurants, as well as expansion into Europe.”


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