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Issuing BIN Sponsorship

Get your card issuing programme sponsored by CashFlows



Card acceptance at over 36 million locations worldwide



Card loads of over £510 million in 2017



Over 2.75 million cards issued in 2017

Can we fast-track your programme management solution through our issuing BIN sponsorship services?

Are you looking to start up in prepaid programme management? You've got your own customer base, but not the know-how or relevant memberships. Or are you simply in need of a new strategic partner to make your life easier?

As principal members of Visa EU and Mastercard, CashFlows can issue prepaid cards on your behalf. This is a low-cost, high-value alternative to obtaining expensive scheme and regulatory memberships. 

Working with CashFlows as your BIN sponsor allows you to focus. Manage your prepaid programme without the complexities of navigating card scheme relationships and regulations.

Download our factsheet to find out more about how using our services can increase your revenues and business efficiency.


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