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Anytime Settlement

Reducing costs for ATM businesses

Reducing operational costs and promoting efficiencies is crucial for ATM businesses to stay profitable and continue meeting customer needs as the use of cash declines.

This guide explores the key ways of reducing costs as a means of maintaining profitability, using real-life examples and suggesting practical steps that businesses can take. It has been written as a resource for anyone involved in ATM businesses, either IADs, Banks, Processors or CIT companies.


Reducing costs for ATM businesses


The Mindful Shopper

How have your customers changed? What are their new values? And how can you inspire them with joyful experiences? In the wake of COVID-19 these questions really matter. 

Cashflows’ research shows changing consumer demands in the post pandemic world.

The Mindful Shopper

Unlocking eCommerce payments for you

Whether you’re thinking about launching a new website, looking to improve your checkout, or just want to get a handle on how eCommerce can help your business, it’s important to think about your end-to-end customer experience – and that includes online payments.

This guide has been written as a resource for anyone with responsibility for payments in a traditional or digital business, either as an introduction or refresher. We’ll help you understand the basics and give you the information you need to be able to connect payments seamlessly.

Unlocking eCommerce payments

Guide to unlocking ecommerce payments
A simple guide to SCA

A Simple Guide to SCA

Strong Customer Authentication legislation difficult to understand can be a challenge, especially when the directions are full of complex clauses and jargon.

With our simple guide to SCA, we break down how these changes will affect your business to provide you with easy to follow information, which can help you stay secure and provide a better customer experience. 

Simple Guide to SCA

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