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Accepting payments

If you’re in business, you’ve got to take online card payments. Simple.

Why CashFlows?

We’ve been processing for online sellers from various sectors for many years. But we’ve never lost our disruptive challenger spirit. 

Because we build and maintain our technology, we’re good at designing and tailoring payment solutions for merchants. This also gives us a light-on-our-toes advantage when responding to customer needs, managing risk and pricing our services.

So if you’re sick of technology silos, legacy systems and a risk and pricing approach from a pre-internet era, contact CashFlows. 

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Start accepting card payments online in one standard merchant service package. CashFlows can help you with a:

  • Merchant account — where you receive & manage payments from your sales
  • Payment gateway — to accept payments online you need a payment gateway. Use CashFlows' solution or easily integrate via a third party
  • Virtual terminal — where you can enter card details securely on-screen to accept mail order & telephone sales

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  • Get onboarded & live quickly and efficiently
  • Accept card payments online, over the phone or by mail order from all major card schemes and currencies
  • See all your sales & balances in real-time, anytime via our account management system
  • Get all the support you need from our expert UK based team 

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We pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of service. Any questions? Or want the CashFlows team to get in touch? Please just use the enquiry form.

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