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Analysing payments

The right data and insight to power your business

Protect sales

We maximise sales for you by partnering with leaders in behavioural analytics and risk management. Together we analyse your payments to prevent more fraud while accepting more genuine sales.

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Data is good but insight is better. We’ve got a full reporting suite to help you plan, track and improve your business. See all your sales in real-time, anytime. Calculate your costs with detailed break-downs of card scheme and other fees.

All transactions sent for authorisation are also available for more detailed analysis. Our reports can be filtered by date, viewed on screen or downloaded in a range of formats, which puts you in control of your business intelligence.

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Specialist expertise

Just as our technology is important, so are our people. Our payment account managers know more about the nitty-gritty of online payment than is perhaps healthy!

So, whether you’re looking to increase customer loyalty, build a world-class brand or expand overseas, our specialists are on-hand. Their insight and expertise covers bespoke or sector-specific solutions, declined payments and more.

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We pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of service. Any questions? Or want the CashFlows team to get in touch? Please just use the enquiry form below.

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