Switch to CashFlows Make significant savings on your Merchant Service Charges when you switch to a CashFlows Merchant Account.

    It can be a shock for businesses when your bills and statements start to come in following a busy period of online sales, and you see how much you are paying for you card processing.

    If you're tired of paying too much for processing credit and debit card payments from your website, switch to CashFlows and save significantly on your costs.

    Why your business should switch to CashFlows

    Switch Reasons Significant cost saving: CashFlows can reduce the cost to your business for processing credit and debit cards through your website as our pricing plans are transparent and offer businesses excellent value for money.

    Switch Reasons More services for free: CashFlows provides everything you need to accept credit and debit card payments, including a merchant account and payment gateway. We also provide a range of fantastic free additional services including e-Invoicing, a Virtual Terminal and multi-currency accounts.

    Switch Reasons Painless switching: Our dedicated team will guide you through the process of switching to minimise disruption to your business. What's more, we set up 90% of approved accounts within three working days.

    10 good reasons to switch today

    It has been well reported that businesses are very hesitant to switch banking providers, let alone their e-Commerce payment facility provider. Given how complicated many banks make it, who can blame them?

    To help businesses demystify the process of switching their payments provider, CashFlows has compiled 10 good reasons to prove why being a switcher could be good for your business.

    1 Price can be negotiated: Even though you may think your current provider is offering you the best rates, it is essential to research other providers and what they can offer. January is a great time to do this as many providers will be offering introductory offers to get you to switch your business's card processing. Even if you aren't contemplating switching you should still contact your current provider to see if you can negotiate your current rates or if they can offer any additional services as part of your package.

    2 Remittance terms: Getting paid quickly is paramount to a business, therefore considering whether you are getting the best remittance terms from your current provider is a must. Remittance terms vary dramatically depending upon the provider and the type of business you are. So if your business's current provider pays your funds daily 10 days in arrears, seek out a provider who pays 7 days in arrears, thus greatly improving your cash flow.

    3 Integrated services: When researching into alternative providers an important factor to consider is whether they offer an integrated service. By having an integrated service it will save you valuable time when reconciling your accounts and will crucially give you more access and control over your cash flow.

    4 Switch and Save: There are many ways you can save money by switching provider. This can be with reduced monthly fees, reduced transaction and gateway fees, reduced or waived point of sale monthly fees, or in having an integrated solution that will save you money through aggregating services.

    5 Solutions that grow with your business: Many providers offer bundled packages that can include e-Commerce payment processing services, a Virtual Terminal and e-invoicing. To ensure you are getting all the e-Commerce services you need to support your business, research the providers that offer these bundled packages as they will save you time, money and hassle.

    6 Offers galore: When looking to switch your e-Commerce payment processing services, most providers will be able to offer you an introductory offer which will usually be more compelling than the offer you currently have. Ensure that you know all the costs once the introductory offer ends and that this still at least matches you current offer or beats it.

    7 Switching support: When you are considering switching there is a whole host of information out there to guide you through the process. Look out for providers with a dedicated switching team as they will be able to guide you through the process and even carry out the integration process for you if you are struggling.

    8 Customer service matters: You should expect no less than first-class service and some providers excel in putting their customers first. This can include bespoke technical support, regular communication on product and service updates, listening and acting on comments on services and how it can be improved.

    9 Reliability of service: Disruptions and gaps in your card processing service are not only very frustrating but can also lose your business vital revenue. Obviously every provider will have some down time, however if your provider is notorious for intermittent service, then it may be time to change.

    10 Terms of service: The needs of a business can be complex and it is important that your e-Commerce provider understands these needs and accommodates them accordingly. Look around for alternative providers that can offer you better terms including requiring a lower reserve amount from your business or a shorter-term contract that doesn't have high penalties for early cancellation.

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